Make Your Home Your Own

I’m just 1 person with a unique style. I suppose you could describe my decorating style as “child at heart” or “overwhelmed fangirl” or “cozy and comforting.” I like to surround myself with things that make me happy… and there’s a lot that makes me happy. 

I’m a strong believer in creating a house that’s right for you, one that will serve your needs and give you pleasure each time you come home to it. Are you the sort of person who loves throwing extravagant dinner parties? Then a big dining room is essential. Are you the sort of person who is into home workouts? Then space for a home gym might be high on your priorities list. Cooks want a well-equipped kitchen with high-end appliances and lots of counter space. Crafters want a craft room with organizational systems that make it easy to get to all the supplies. Pet lovers want pet beds and toy boxes in all the common rooms. Readers want a library with wall-to-wall bookcases. Whatever you’re into, think about how to make your home reflect it so that your surroundings can suit your needs and interests.

Conversely, don’t fill your house with things that won’t serve you.  You don’t have to have a giant kitchen or dining room if you have no use for it; maybe you can use that space in a different way.  Here are some unique things I love about about my house:

  • A TARDIS door leading into the craft room/office (where I write and create, because my creativity allows it to be bigger on the inside)
  • A Doctor Who-themed bathroom off the craft room
  • A home library in my basement with 11 bookcases securely bolted to the walls
  • A LEGO loft with a building table, storage cabinets, a display cabinet, and a custom lamp
  • An additional couch where my dining room would be, allowing my living room to seat at least 8 for when I have a group of friends over for a watch party
  • Display cabinets holing many of my favorite collections (more on that in a later article)
  • Spirited Away bathhouse art in my upstairs bathroom
  • A small gaming corner in my basement with board games on shelves and video games
  • A shelf in my pantry just for tea and hot chocolate
  • A tiny yard with no grass that is maintained by my HOA for me
  • A door that leads right out to the parking area so I can load/unload my car without having to go up or down stairs (essential for book festivals I attend where I bring hundreds of books)

There are plenty of other things in my house that are very me, from a teddy bear who keeps me company while I cook/bake and sleeps in a mixing bowl on my kitchen counter to a bulletin board on the back of my craft room door with writing notes and inspirational photos. My craft room/office walls are purple, but you can hardly tell as almost every inch is covered with artwork I love. It is definitely my happy place and where I feel the most creative. And I’m not just saying that because it’s where I happen to be  sitting as I write this article.

One of the best things about being just 1 person, living alone, is that I can spread out throughout my whole home and make it the sort of space I want without having to consult anyone else or compromise. Of course, I must have some cat trees and window seats to keep my cats happy, but I’m happy to provide them with such luxuries and they have little say about the rest of my d├ęcor choices. 

When I was little, my mother used to read Mister Dog to me, a picture book by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Garth Williams. Mister Dog was fond of saying there was a place for everything and everything in its place, which appealed to my mother. I don’t think I really understood that appeal until I had my own house that I could fill, organize, and decorate however I wanted. I set up a corner of my craft room to keep track of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals. I have my old boom box in my laundry room so I can listen to music while doing laundry. I have a bucket of magnets  on the counter next to my fridge so I know just where to find them. I have exercise mats nestled into one corner and extra blankets in a trunk by my living room.

There are still plenty of improvements, changes, and additions I plan to make in my house. But, even now, it is perfect for me and feels like home. 

Just remember that your home is your own. It doesn’t have to look like a photo from a magazine or a cottagecore Pinterest board. Decorate and organize it however you want!

How do you make your home unique and special to you?

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