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The title of this blog came from two places. When I was just starting college, the wooden loft bed I had bought for my dorm room had a set of somewhat unintelligible, badly translated instructions for assembly. At one point, the builders were told “For this step, it is best if you are two people.” There were no instructions included for a cloning machine or any other way for just one person to suddenly become two people.  

My friends and coworkers often tell me that for the amount I get done in a day, I must be multiple people. The number ranges from three to six people, but I’m really just one person. And the disconnect between how people see me and how I see myself is real. I often feel as if I don’t get nearly enough done or as if I’m at a disadvantage because I live alone. I’m just one person who struggles at life and creates personal challenges, games, and rules to force myself to succeed in a world that sometimes assumes I’m a superhero, a couple, or a family. 

I look forward to sharing my struggles and successes with you. I hope you’ll share yours with me.

The Blogger

Hi, I’m Kate! I am a 40-something living in the suburbs outside Washington, DC, with two cats. My identity is wrapped up in my passions! I am a website administrator, a vegetarian, a fiction writer, an avid reader, a fitness addict, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a Universal Unitarian, a homeowner,  a fangirl, a Hufflepuff, a bullet journaler, a library volunteer, a BookCrosser, and an adult fan of LEGO. Just like the creations I build out of LEGO bricks or the stories I create on the page, I am constantly working on building a life and figuring out how to adult.


Middle-aged person with a pen in the mouth holding a phone in one hand and an exercise mat, laptop, clock, books, notebook, scrub brush, and an Eeyore plushie in the other.
I’m just 1 person!

10 Random Things About Me

  1. I was born in Papua New Guinea.
  2. I’m genderqueer and don’t use pronouns for myself.
  3. My favorite television show is Highlander: the series, even though it finished its run in 1998.
  4. I have participated in and completed National Novel Writing Month every year for 15 years running (more than 1,000,000 words written and counting).
  5. I was that kid who didn’t participate in gym class… but now: I. Love. Kickboxing.
  6. I have an entire room of my house dedicated to my LEGO hobby.
  7. Volunteering is my happy place.
  8. I own more books than I can read in a lifetime, according to one website calculator.
  9. My cat, Charlie, is named for a Supernatural character who goes to Oz. My cat, Ozma, is named after a character in the Oz book series.
  10. Despite the difficulties sometimes, I love living alone and being just 1 person!