3 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now

I’m just 1 person addicted to Instagram. Cats, my friend’s dinner, a sunset, more cats—this is what it used to look like when I scrolled through my Instagram feed. I have nothing against more cat pictures (I’ll write an article with some of my favorite cat accounts in the future). But sometimes I need to see something that speaks to the moment I’m in. Here are three great, inspiring Instagram accounts that give me that support and reassurance. I’m glad to have started following them in 2020.

worry wellbeing logo: illustration of a person with flowers behind her


This account has colorful and honest illustrations covering topics such as mental health, self love, and wellbeing. With a soft color pallet, these images are pleasing to look at. However, their content packs a powerful punch and reminds me to check in with myself more often.

Photo of a woman at a beach


Mama of Reinvention is a coach and self care advocate who gives you tools and support to level up and create a life you love. From inspirational quotes to supportive comments, her words are a great reassurance to me.

Illustration of a plant with a pot that has a happy face on it


I can’t get enough of these simple, pleasing infographics that inspire and educate about mental health, self love, and the importance of self time. These posts are wonderful and easily shareable as standalones, because if you see value in them, chances are your friend will as well.

I could always use some more happiness in my feed. What Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?


Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash

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