I’m Glad You’re Here

I’m just 1 person starting a new blog, so I wanted to start by thanking you for joining me on this journey. Life is difficult and challenging, especially if you’re on your own by choice or circumstances.

I don’t claim to have all the solutions, but I can share what I have found useful.

From cleaning to time management, physical health to mental wellness, creativity to learning, fitness to travel, life hacks to helpful products, this blog offers strategies and suggestions covering many aspects of daily life for those living alone. Below, in the footer, you can subscribe to whatever categories interest you.

In addition to articles posted throughout the month, there are special monthly challenges you can join to focus on one aspect of your life. I’ll be doing these challenges with you and offering support along the way.

Please share your own ideas, tips, and tricks in each article’s comments. I look forward to learning from you as we all try our best to adult successfully.

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