Week of Workouts

I’m just 1 person who is working on a personal challenge. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my favorite videos list, as I go through and save and organize them for personal use. Last week, going through my favorites was so much fun that I decided to keep it up for this week of workouts and continue to motivate myself to make progress with my monthly challenge.

This week, I did some of the shorter workouts, because I was feeling a lot of time pressure from my schedule and also not feeling so great physically. Usually I try for at least 30 minutes a day, but this week I gave myself a pass and went back to my rule of at least 20 minutes. It was nice to get a bit of a break in duration, and it also made my workouts feel much shorter… because they were shorter! But I made sure that I kept the intensity up high. I still gave each workout my all. So even though my weekly workout total is below 200 minutes, I still know that I pushed myself hard, focused on form, and still gave my body the workouts it needed to stay fit and healthy. There’s definitely value in doing shorter workouts! And it helps when they’re workouts you know you’re going to enjoy, as you’ve done them before. 

My Week of Workouts

Total:  182 minutes


Photo by Benjamin Klaver on Unsplash

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