Week of Workouts

I’m just 1 person working out in the evenings again. I’m trying out a new block schedule for myself, to see if it works better for me. That means shifting my normal workout time from just before lunch to the evening or even the night before bed. My day in general seems to be going more smoothly, but my workouts aren’t really working for me at that time. Twice I have almost forgotten to do my workout until after dinner, and then I had to choose low-impact or stretching so as not to upset my tummy after eating. There are pros and cons to my new schedule, so I’m not sure if it will stick. However, I’m willing to give it a try for a week. I used to work out in the evenings, so I’m sure I can get used to it, given enough time. 

This week I also tried a live Zumba workout via Zoom through my local library. I was super nervous about being on camera and turned it off at the beginning. I’m not good at dancing and didn’t want people laughing at my pathetic attempts. But then I realized no one was paying attention to me, and I got brave. So I turned my camera back on for my own personal accountability and did my best to keep up. I still wasn’t that great at dancing, but I’m not used to long workouts and the time really flew by. I think I was concentrating so hard on doing the right thing I wasn’t paying attention to the time. Also, dance cardio always seems to go more quickly than other types of exercises anyway. I’m really proud of stepping way out of my comfort zone with this. I also had a lot of fun. 

My Week of Workouts

Total:  195 minutes

Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

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