Week of Workouts

I’m just 1 person trying to motivate myself. After a few weeks of health issues, I’m trying to bounce back. My body was so tired on Tuesday that I opted to do a stretching routine. 

For the rest of the week, I tried new-to-me dance workouts to keep my interest and motivation up. That strategy didn’t always work, because I had trouble keeping up with some of the dances. I also twisted my knee during the belly dancing workout on Wednesday and had to modify a couple moves on Thursday and Friday when the pain got too bad to put a lot of pressure on it. By Saturday, I was back to full impact moves and standing bicycles and jumping jacks were no problem again.

So I’m glad I listened to my body this week. I kept up with daily workouts but made sure they allowed me to recover as needed. My total minutes aren’t super high this week, but I’m still proud of my accomplishments. 

My Week of Workouts

Total:  170 minutes

Photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash

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