Week of Workouts

I’m just 1 person who came up a little short this week. I have a minimum goal of at least 20 minutes every day, and I just barely hit that goal multiple times this week. It was a tough, busy week for me with a lot of mid-day meetings. Accordingly, I kept a lot of my workouts short on purpose. But I did a lot of HIIT workouts to focus on intensity even though I didn’t have longer durations. I love giving it my all during HIIT workouts and then being able to catch my breath for a few seconds. It’s definitely a format that works well for me.

I also got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot this week, so my arm was pretty sore for a few days. I still worked out, even when I didn’t have full range of motion with that arm. I think working out helped the arm more than hurt it, though. It usually felt better after a workout and shower. But I didn’t want to over-exert either. It’s important to know your limits and abilities, and this week I could only manage 165 minutes in total. That’s still more than the 140 minimum I set myself, so I am proud of powering through. Next week, though, I’m hoping to be back up over 200 again. 

My Week of Workouts

Total:  165 minutes

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

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