Sign Up for the July Sleep Challenge

I’m just 1 person challenging myself to be better. I hope you’ll join me! July’s challenge theme is sleep.

Set a sleep goal that’s right for you and then work toward it along with me. Did you know that setting a goal with a firm deadline makes it more likely for you to make progress? And having someone to hold you accountable increases that likelihood even more. So think about what challenge you could set for yourself in July.

What sleep changes would make a difference in your life? Maybe you want to make incorporate practices like meditation or journaling into a bedtime routine. Maybe this is the month you finally buy a new mattress or a weighted blanket to improve the quality of your sleep. Maybe you just need to change your schedule in order to get more sleep consistently.  

Sign up below to get email support and tips throughout the month. Also, you can contribute any amount on Ko-fi or visit the Etsy store to get a printable worksheet (which can be done on its own or put into a bullet journal) to fill out throughout the month to keep you on track. You’ll also get an exclusive sneak peak at what next month’s personal challenge theme will be! 

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