March Safety Challenge Has Started

I’m just 1 person ready to take on the March Safety Challenge! How about you? Have you chosen a goal yet? There are so many aspects to safety on which you could focus, and this challenge lets you choose the goal that’s right for you.

My Challenge Goal

I have decided to do one safety-related thing each week this month:

  • Buy a new fire extinguisher
  • Update the emergency note on my door 
  • Clean my second cat carrier
  • Change all my passwords

Your Challenge Goal

It’s not too late to choose a goal and join in! Make this the month that you evaluate your home security system. Make this the month when you finally stop ignoring Google’s “you have 100 compromised passwords” warnings. Make this the month that you spend a little time improving your personal safety in whatever way makes sense to you.

Fill out the short form below and you’ll be automatically added to the challenge emails (4 each month; the first went out yesterday). You can also download a helpful worksheet to assist you in setting and keeping up with your goal by donating to me on Ko-Fi.  


What safety goal will you be working on this month?

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