A Daily Tarot Card Pull

Tarot card: The EmpressI’m just 1 person who likes a little extra focus each morning. I love the art on a good deck of tarot cards, but I rarely do readings for myself. When I heard about the practice of pulling a tarot card each morning to help focus your day, I thought it seemed like something I could easily incorporate into my morning routine. 

I go through phases with whatever decks speak to me at the moment, sometimes using an oracle deck and sometimes traditional tarot cards. I have a routine I follow when pulling a tarot card. First, I shuffle the cards for a minimum of three times while thinking about my hopes, tasks, and obligations for the day ahead. Then I cut the deck and spread the cards out in an arc in front of me. Running my hand over the arc with my eyes closed, I stop when I feel a spot of heat. Sometimes this takes a while and other times I feel something right away. There are some mornings I don’t feel anything and my cat helps me choose a card by stepping on one. 

I look at the selected card and what feelings it evokes within me. Then I note it in my bullet journal and read a book or online resource to dive deeper about the card while eating breakfast. My favorite tarot site for more detailed card meanings (including reversed meanings) is https://www.thetarotguide.com/

Sometimes the meaning of a card immediately strikes me, and I know exactly what I need to think about, be careful about, and focus on during my day. Other times, I’m not sure how a card has to do with my life. Sometimes I use the meanings as a warning, as something to look out for and try to avoid or overcome. And sometimes I use the meanings as an indicator of something that could happen if I’m open to it. Either way, it gets me thinking about my intentions and actions as I start my day. It helps me commit to trying to have as good a day as I can.

There is a card in my Brian Froud Faerie Oracle deck that I closely associated with a coworker, so I would check-in with that person on a day when I drew that card. On the day that I lost my job, I drew the 9 of Cups, symbolizing shattered dreams, misery, and lack of success. The next day, when I spent a long time crying on the phone to my mother, I drew the Queen of Swords card, symbolizing mourning, protection when vulnerable, and truth. 

Even though there can be interesting similarities, I don’t rely on the cards to tell me exactly what my day will be like. They’re just a tool, and it’s all about how I personally interpret and apply that tool in my own life. They help me start my day by being cautious or open or determined. They help me focus attention where I feel I need to.  And by writing them down in my bullet journal, it’s also something I can check back in with throughout the day as I accomplish tasks. 

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