7 Joys for Singles on Valentine’s Day

I’m just 1 person who will be alone and single on Valentine’s Day. It’s my choice to be single, and it’s also my choice to celebrate the day in my own way. I use the day to celebrate those I love, including remembering my dear little friend, Becky, whose birthday was February 14. Because of the pandemic, I won’t get to do my normal trek to her memorial tree this year and leave children’s books around it for others to enjoy. But there are many ways to celebrate the holiday, whether you call it Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or even Palentine’s Day.

Panda plushies and chocolates

7 Ways to Celebrate

  1. Buy yourself all the Valentine’s Day merchandise. Take advantage of the sales on chocolate and candy. Show yourself some love and stock up for the month or the season. If you have a weakness for plushies, as I do, there are plenty of choices there as well. 

  2. Send messages to your family and friends. If you have people in your life who you love, use the day for telling them! Send some texts and cute animal memes. Mail some handmade cards. Make some phone calls and ask them to share with you the last thing that made them happy. Don’t forget about giving your pets a special treat, whether it’s a new toy or a bone or extra play time. 

  3. Host an online Palentine’s Day gathering. Reach out to the other single friends in your life and hang out online. I’ve got conflicting gatherings from which to choose on Zoom: my Harry Potter meetup group will be making alcoholic and nonalcoholic potions together and another group will be having a pals baking together meetup. You could do a craft, swap stories, or even have a binge watch with Teleparty or Kast. 

  4. Don’t forget your coworkers. Reach back to your childhood and buy a pack of kids’ Valentine’s Day cards to give or send to your coworkers. Last year, I gave my coworkers bags for their desks and encouraged them to give each other treats. I filled their bags with stickers, candy, cards, hot chocolate, and notes of support and appreciation. 

  5. Watch movies with strong, single characters. Celebrate the joy of being able to do exactly what you want today and forge your own path in life. Leslie Kaz has a great list of movies for single women. I recommend watching The Old Guard on Netflix (or, in my case, watching it for the 7th time).

  6. Perform a random act of kindness. Fill your heart with kindness and do something wonderful, unexpected, and anonymous for someone. Send a plushie or bouquet to someone you know is struggling. Paint some rocks and leave them by neighbors’ doors or write something encouraging on a sidewalk for them to see. Go to your favorite, trusted small business and buy a gift card then ask them to give it to the next person who makes a purchase. 

  7. Love yourself! Stay off social media and do whatever makes you happiest! Sleep in, bake your favorite treat, take a walk in a park, change your nail polish, crack open a bottle of wine, get ahead in a course you’re taking, use a bath bomb and soak in the tub until the water goes cold, escape into the best book, or write your own story/make your own art.

How do you plan to celebrate the holiday?

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