3 Amazing Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

I’m just 1 person addicted to Instagram. There are some great fitness Instagram accounts that I wanted to recommend. I follow PopSugar Fitness and Women’s Health Magazine for their IGTV fitness videos (sometimes I even manage to catch them live).  But when I need fitness-related inspiration, these are my go-to accounts:


Strong Nation (formerly Strong by Zumba) is possibly my favorite workout provider. The moves are exactly timed to the beat, and their instructors are amazing. I follow #wearestrongnation for beautifully timed punches, kicks, and more from around the world, and the Sync Network channel often reposts the best of them.


Stacey Beaman of PlyoJam is not only body positive but inspirationally positive. I had never before done a dance workout I could completely keep up with until finding PlyoJam. They’re a lot of fun as well. I love seeing Stacey’s moves and her adorable puppies. 


It was the pun on the Queen song title that caught my eye and it was the message they have that made me follow. I love their “You can’t hate yourself healthy” mentality. They have a little bit of everything, from workout music to posture tips to how to set up a gym in your garage.

I could always use some more fitness inspiration in my feed. What fitness Instagram accounts do you follow?


Photo by Martin Hexeberg on Unsplash

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